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Aqueous purple 5B

  Post Date: Feb 02,2018
  Expiry Date: Feb 02,2019
  Detailed Description: Quantity: 1000
Water-soluble dye is an acidic, direct, reactive, basic dyes desalination membrane separation technology decontaminated from the high purity no salt (salt) dyes. General inorganic salt content <0.5%. Mainly acid dyes and direct dyes are mostly used in the production of ink, used in ordinary paper into ink-jet printing and water-based pens, etc., that the inkjet industry and pens industry.
Water-soluble dyes used in the manufacture of high-quality ink must have the following properties:
1、High ecological standards (safe);
2、It has a high chroma and solubility in the aqueous ink;
3、Bright colors;
4、High surface tension:
5、Extremely low chlorine and sulfate content (low resistance);
6、Low viscosity;
7, Ca, Mg and Fe ion content PPm level (low-precipitable);
8、Free of heavy metals;
9、High light fastness.
In recent years, at home and abroad by synthesis, purification technology continues to improve, we developed a new high-performance water-soluble dyes, new structures to meet community for writing and printing text and images continue to improve the requirements.

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