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sodium benzoate BP

  Post Date: Dec 02,2020
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Sodium benzoate is a highly effective preservative. It is widely used for preserving foods, beverages(especially diet soft drinks), pharmaceuticals, toiletries, adhesives, pastes, polishes, cleaners, and it is also used to preserve low alcohol(<15%) beverages as well as non-alcoholic beer.
It is used as a food and beverage preservative: Sodium benzoate is most suitable for use as an antimicrobial agent in foods and beverages which naturally are in the PH range below 4.5, or can be brought into the range by addition of a water soluble acidulant . Sodium benzoate is not recommended as a preservative at PH ranges higher than 4.5. Sodium benzoate ,NF/FCC is widely used in carbonated and still beverages , syrups, cider, salted margarine, olives, sauces, relishes, jellies, jams, preserves, pastry and pie fillings, low fat salad dressing, fruit salads, prepared salads, and in storage of vegetables . Some generalized applications are described in the following examples. Keep in mind that both federal and state regulations may apply to specific applications. These regulations should be reviewed and verified as applicable or non-applicable for each specific use application.
It is also a standard preservative in carbonated beverages. Typically 0.03 to 0.08% is used for the finished products. Non-carbonated beverages normally require somewhat higher concentrations of 0.05-0.1% sodium benzoate in the finished products.

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