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DC Chemical Co., Ltd.
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About us

Since being founded in 1959, DC Chemical (DCC) has focused our efforts on the advance of Korea's chemical industry. Today DCC has grown into a leader in the fields of basic chemical, agricultural chemical, fine chemical, and petrochemical, as well as coal chemical and material processing industry. We will continue our endeavor to build a community in which human and nature are in complete coexistence.

In this new millennium, the entire Korean community involving the government, industry, and public must gather forces to improve national competitiveness in the world's stage. DCC will strive to play a key role in this mission with innovation, creativity, productive investment, and management transparency. Based on our technology and outstanding personnel, we promise to build an affluent and environment-friendly society for all of our customers.

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50, Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, 100-718, Korea
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