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Zhejiang Jihua Group Co.,Ltd.
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About us

The group’s base locates on the riverside of the famous Qiantang River, and is adjacent to the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and also is next to the Hu-Hang-Yong Express Highway and the Hang-Jin-Qu Express Highway. The group company owns total assets about 2.5 billion RMB yuan, and has staff more than 2500. The group’s annual sales are about 3 billion RMB yuan, and it earns 100 million US dollars from exportation. Main industries are: products: dyestuff, dye intermediate, paint, etc. basic materials (industry): sulfuric acid, thermoelectricity, etc., and other industries as Chemical Auxiliary, Medical Industry and Finance and Insurance Industry. The group is one of the Chinese top 500 private enterprises, and one of the global main dyestuff manufacturing bases.

The group establishes three large manufacturing bases on Zhejiang Xiaoshan Hongshan Farm, Hangzhou Linjiang Industrial Zone and Jiangsu Yancheng Yanjiang Chemical Industrial Zone. The core enterprises are: Hangzhou Jihua Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hongbao Dyeing Decoration Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jihua Jiangdong Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jihua Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Jiran Chemical Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xiaoshan Dyestuff Chemical Ind. Co., Ltd., Shaoxing Dajin Polyurethane Plastic Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Jihua Import & Export Co., Ltd. The main products are: Dyestuff (series of disperse, reactive, vat dyes, acid, direct etc.), 120 thousand tons/ year, quality paint 2000 tons/year, H-acid 20 thousand tons/year, synthetic anthraquinone 10 thousand tons/year, industrial sulfuric acid 350 thousand tons/year and other extended products. There are three ten-thousand-tons-level waste water treatment factories supporting for the group.

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Hongshan Farm, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
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