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amino acid

Details for amino acid

amino acid


Organic chemicals and Derivatives/Acid, ester and anhydride compounds

amino acid
CAS NO: 65072-01-7
Molecular Formula: RCHNH2COOH
Molecular Weight:
Synonyms: Aminosyn;Amino acids, corn gluten;Corn gluten amino acids;Travasol;AMI-U-II;Albumaid X;Alkyl amino acid;Aminess 5.2% essential amino acids w/ histadine;Amino Acid Blend;Amino acids solution, Moripron-F;Aminocarboxylic acids;Aminogen G;Aminomix;Aminosyn 10%;Aminosyn 10% (ph6);Aminosyn 3.5%;Aminosyn 3.5% in plastic container;Aminosyn 5%;Aminosyn 7%;Aminosyn 7% (ph6);Aminosyn 8.5%;Aminosyn 8.5% (ph6);Aminosyn II 10%;Aminosyn II 10% in plastic container;Aminosyn II 15% in plastic container;Aminosyn II 3.5%;Aminosyn II 3.5% in plastic container;Aminosyn II 5%;Aminosyn II 7%;Aminosyn II 8.5%;Aminosyn II in dextrose;Aminosyn-HBC 7%;Aminosyn-HBC 7% in plastic container;Aminosyn-HF 8%;Aminosyn-PF 10%;Aminosyn-PF 7%;Aminosyn-RF 5.2%;Branchamin 4%;Branchamin 4% in plastic container;Chargex;Clinisol 15% sulfite free in plastic container;Clinomel;Clinomix;Complexamine;Diatrofen;ES Polytamin;Freamine;Freamine 8.5%;Freamine HBC 6.9%;Freamine II 8.5%;Freamine III 10%;Freamine III 8.5%;Glavamin;Hepatamine;Hepatamine 8%;Hepatasol 8%;Hepatosan;Isopuramin Plus;Ispol;Klinitamin;L-Amino acids;Moripron-F (amino acids solution);Neopham 6.4%;Nephramine;Nephramine 5.4%;Novamine 11.4%;Novamine 15%;Novamine 15% sulfite free in plastic container;Novamine 8.5%;Premasol 10% in plastic container;Premasol 6% in plastic container;Prosol 20% sulfite free in plastic container;Renamin w/o electrolytes;Travasol 10% in plastic container;Travasol 10% w/o electrolytes;Travasol 5.5% in plastic container;Travasol 5.5% w/o electrolytes;Travasol 8.5% in plastic container;Travasol 8.5% w/o electrolytes;TrophAmine;Trophamine 10%;Amino acids solution, MPR-F;amino acid;
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