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Polyphenyl Sulfide

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Polyphenyl Sulfide


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Polyphenyl Sulfide
CAS NO: 25212-74-2
Molecular Formula: (-C6H4-4-S-)n
Molecular Weight:
Specification: 99%
Packing: According to the clients' requirement
Product description:
Polyphenyl Sulfide Powder Plate number (powder) Plate number Melt index(g/10min) Plate number Melt index(g/10min) Plate number Melt index(g/10min) GF00 <120 GF06 300≤MFR<350 GF12 700≤MFR<800 GF01 120≤MFR<150 GF07 350≤MFR<400 GF13 800≤MFR<900 GF02 150≤MFR<180 GF08 400≤MFR<450 GF14 900≤MFR<1000 GF03 180≤MFR<220 GF09 450≤MFR<500 GF15 1000≤MFR<1100 GF04 220≤MFR<260 GF10 500≤MFR<600 GF16 1100≤MFR<1200 GF05 260≤MFR<300 GF11 600≤MFR<700 -- ------- 1) number: GF00 It is suitable for extruding class PPS products with high strength, high viscosity, high rigidity, low fluidity and other mechanical properties. It has high performance in impact resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion and electrical insulation. Application: it can be used to produce PPS boards, bars, and PPS tubes, which can be used for high temperature, insulation and chemical corrosion. 2) number: GF01, GF02 Suitable for PPS fiber level products, has high toughness, high ductility, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, resistant to chemical corrosion, such as performance, high molecular weight, elongation at break, makes the drawing more easily and used more widely. Application: high performance special fiber for high temperature flue gas and special hot medium filter material, dry belt of paper industry and cable coating and fireproof fabric. 3) license plate: GF03 ~ 14 Suitable for injection grade PPS product, has high heat resistance, chemical resistance, excellent electric properties and good dimensional stability, good processing performance, outstanding wear resistance, good flame retardancy, low proportion, etc. 1. Electronics: electronic components, such as connectors, IC sockets, surface solid parts, etc. 2. Electrical appliances: insulation base, coil frame, contact switch, engine parts, etc. 3. Machine aspects: various compressor parts, valves, flowmeters, computer parts, copier parts, etc. 4. Military area: the combustion and missile vertical stabilizer components used to make missile casings. 4) number: GF15, GF16 Suitable for coating grade PPS products, with good fluidity, adhesion, wear resistance, flame retardancy, heat resistance, insulation and chemical resistance, is a coating product with excellent performance. Applications: such as PPS to glass, aluminum, stainless steel has a very high bonding strength, highly suitable for chemical equipment lining, wear-resistant coating, metal abrasive anti-sticking coating on the titanium, steam electric iron non-stick coating, non-stick lampblack machine. Polyphenyl Sulfide Pellets Plate number(Pellets) Plate number Melt index(g/10min) Plate number Melt index(g/10min) Plate number Melt index(g/10min) GL00 <120 GL06 300≤MFR<350 GL12 700≤MFR<800 GL01 120≤MFR<150 GL07 350≤MFR<400 GL13 800≤MFR<900 GL02 150≤MFR<180 GL08 400≤MFR<450 GL14 900≤MFR<1000 GL03 180≤MFR<220 GL09 450≤MFR<500 GL15 1000≤MFR<1100 GL04 220≤MFR<260 GL10 500≤MFR<600 GL16 1100≤MFR<1200 GL05 260≤MFR<300 GL11 600≤MFR<700 -- ----
Uses: Used to produce engineering plastic
Synonyms: poly(1,4-phenylene sulfide);POLY(PHENYLENE SULFIDE);POLY(PHENYLENE SULPHIDE);PHENYLENE SULFIDE RESIN;Poly(p-phenylenesulfide);Poly(thio-1,4-phenylene);polyphenylene thioether;
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