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Details for Spirodiclofen



Agrochemicals/Other pesticide

CAS NO: 148477-71-8
EC NO: 203-625-9
Molecular Formula: C21H24Cl2O4
Molecular Weight: 411.3189
InChI: InChI=1/C21H24Cl2O4/c1-4-20(2,3)19(25)26-17-16(14-9-8-13(22)12-15(14)23)18(24)27-21(17)10-6-5-7-11-21/h8-9,12H,4-7,10-11H2,1-3H3
Product description:

The effective component of spirocarpy is quaternone, and its mechanism of action is to inhibit fat synthesis in harmful mites. The product has a brand-new structure, a unique mechanism of action, has a contact effect, and does not have systemicity. The mite killing spectrum is wide and adaptable, and the eggs are larvae and kills for a long period of time.

Usage: It has no cross resistance with existing acaricides, and is suitable for controlling harmful mites that are resistant to existing acaricides. It has a good killing effect on the eggs, young mites and nymphs of harmful mites, but it is not effective on adu
Synonyms: 3-(2,4-DICHLOROPHENYL)-2-OXO-1-OXASPIRO[4.5]DEC-3-EN-4-YL) 2,2-DIMETHYLBUTYRATE;Spirodiclofen, Pestanal;SPIRODICLOFEN 10 NG/UL PESTANAL;baj2740;spirodiclofen(bsi, pa iso);[3-(2,4-Dichlorophenyl)-2-oxo-1-oxaspiro[4.5]dec-3-en-4-yl] 2,2-dimethylbutanoate;Spirodiclofen solution;Spirodiclofen bulk drug;
Molecular Structure: Spirodiclofen 148477-71-8
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