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Potassium fluorosilicate

Details for Potassium fluorosilicate

Potassium fluorosilicate


Inorganic chemicals

Potassium fluorosilicate
CAS NO: 16871-90-2
EC NO: 240-896-2
Molecular Formula: FKO2Si
Molecular Weight: 118.181
InChI: InChI=1/FO2Si.K/c1-4(2)3;/q-1;+1
Packing: In polyethylene bag and with woven plastic sack outer, 25kgs net each.
Product description:

Formula: K2SiF6

Q/SRGF: 004-2011

CAS NO.: 16871-90-2



Chemical Composition %
K2SiF6 HF Water insolubles H2O
min max
Grade  Ι 98 0.1 0.5 0.5
Grade ΙΙ 98 0.1 1.0 0.3

Properties: The product is white crystalline or powder . poisonous and with microaidic; the hexagonal crystal system 3.08 and system 2.665(at 17°C); deliquesce in moist air and slightly soluble in water, also soluble in hydrochloric acid; the solubility has somewhat raise with an increase in temperture .It's decomposed into KF and SiF4 at glow, and decomposed into KF, HF and H2Sio3 in hot water.

Uses: It's used as a wood preservative and in ahe manufacture of ceramics, various optics glasses, smelting of aluminium and magnesium, also used as a raw materiar for synthetic mica and a preservative material.
Synonyms: dipotassium hexafluorosilicate;Potassium Fluorosilicate;Potassium Fluosilicate;Potassium Silicofluoride;potassium fluoro(oxo)silanolate;
Molecular Structure: Potassium fluorosilicate 16871-90-2
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