Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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About us
Ningbo Smart Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(NINGBO SMART),founded in 1991 with a building area of 20,000m2 ,is a bulk pharmaceutical manufacturers in Ningbo, China. NINGBO SMART specializes in the production and sales of bulk active pharmaceutical ingredients and its intermediates such as Mefenamic Acid, Diclofenac Sodium,Methocarbamol, Mephenoxalone,Mequitazine,Butinolin Phosphate ,Mefenamate Sodium´╝îIndolinone and benzarone etc. NINGBO SMART strictly follows the Chinese GMP and ICHQ7 regulations in both production and quality management .We obtained GMP certificate for Mefenamic Acid and Diclofenac Sodium in Oct.2003, and obtained GMP Certificate for Methocarbamol in Feb,2007. In Jun,2015, we successfully get CEP Certificate for Diclofenac Sodium. Our search for excellence is not limited to the manufacturing end of our business. At Ningbo Smart, we believe that maintaining the quality of our goods and service is a commitment which every member of the Ningbo Smart family - researcher, warehousemen, or salesmen must undertake. We look forward to have long term business cooperation with partners worldwide.
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