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hydrophilic silicone oil

Details for hydrophilic silicone oil

hydrophilic silicone oil


Catalyst and Auxiliary/Textile Auxiliary Agent

hydrophilic silicone oil
Molecular Formula:
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Product description:
Product name: Super soft hydrophilic silicone oil RH-NB-8098-4 Introduction: Hydrophilic super soft fluffy silicone oil RH-8098-4 is a quaternized modified compolymerized polysiloxane softener,applied to the hydrophilic soft finishing of the various fabrics.It can endows the fabric with excellent soft,smooth handle and hydrophilicity and dyeing property.No stick to roller and no floating oil. Advantage: 1. Excellent instant hydrophilicity, increases the textile quality and endows the fabrics with comfortable dress feeling. 2. The handle of treated fabrics is very soft, smooth,fluffy,full of elastics and good cotton tactile impression . 3. No yellowing.And it has little effect on whiteness, shade, and color fastness of fabrics. 4. If the dyed fabrics have some color failure or wrong color after the finishing, it doesn't need to remove the softener first and can be re-dyed. It doesn't affect the dyes on the fabrics with the deep color, pure and bright shade. 5. Anti high shearing,can be safely used in jet overflow machine. The stability of emulsified liquid is good. It has convenient usage and don't stick to the roll. 6.Can be used to complex with softener flakes,and other cationic/nonionic softeners to increase the hydrophilicity and the hand feelings. 7.High price performance rate,reduce the cost grealy. Basic Character: Appearance: semi-transparent light brown liquid Ionicity: weak cation or nonionic Solid content:86%—88% Usage: Hydrophilic and soft finishing of the fabric which main content is cellulose fiber, protein fiber ,; Soft finishing of fabric which request hydrophilic ,such as towels Reference dosage: It is suggested to emulsify the RH-8098-4 to 20% solid content emulsion.
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