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Zhejiang Jinke Chemicals Co., LTD.
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About us

Zhejiang Jinke Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer of oxygenated series bleaching agents, located at the beautiful southern shore of Hangzhou Bay, adjacent to the well-known Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port. It is a private company, jointly established by Jintai Group Co., Zhejiang University and Zhejiang SCI & Tech. Venture Investment Co.. The leading products comprise sodium percarbonate (SPC) (30,000MT/year), and TAED (5,000MT/year), sodium perborate (SPB)(10,000MT/year), and sodium poly- acrylate (PAAS) (10,000MT/year). The company manufactures and distributes industrial strength concentrates and value added products for detergent, dye, textile, pulp and pharmaceutical industries...

Jinke adopts international quality standards in the inspection of product quality. The company has been a recipient of ISO9001 certificate, and is in the process of ISO14000 environmental management system certification. It is assured that through stringent quality control, Jinke products are excellent and the most advanced.

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8F,White Horse Buld.,No.01 Miduqiao Road ,Hangzhou City,Zhejiang Province,P.R. China
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