Genchem & Genpharm (Changzhou) CO., Ltd.

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Genchem & Genpharm (Changzhou) CO., Ltd.
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About us
GenChem&Genpharm is a leading organic chemicals manufacturer which located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, where 100 miles away from Shanghai. The operation is carried out at a 20-acre landscape and providing a broad range of intermediates for pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals. Our products have been exported to different countries and regions such as US, Europe, India, Japan and Korea, also successfully maintained a fine reputation for technical excellence and high quality. In according to best quality, health & safety and environment are integral to the company’s successful business strategy and ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 14001 EMS accreditation were certified in 2006. All of the employees of GenChem&Genpharm are committed to complying with the regulatory requirement based on the health & safety policy. It is the significant segment that we do supply a variety of products in scales ranging from hundreds of kilos to hundreds of tons annually. We offer competitive prices and validity delivery which can match up custom specifications. We constantly focus on products development and innovation through from the kilo lab, the pilot plant to full scale production for improving cost-effectiveness and high yield. QC analytical lab consists of 5 labs for testing the sample with total area of 10000 sq. feet. Labs are equipped with analytical instruments like GC, HPLC, IR, UV, COD and Automatic Process Polarimeter etc. Individual Reach & Development Centre which established in 2012 and located in Shanghai, is managed by 25 strong skilled lab workers and emphasized on developing the peptides & Peptide compounds and creating 20 more national patents. At GenChem&Genpharm, we do more than making chemicals. We also make and keep the good relationships and communications all through customers. It is specialized that we delivery large scale customized products to fit your unique strategy and needs.
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658 Yulong Road N., Binjiang Industrial Park,Xinbei, Changzhou, Jiangsu,P.R.China
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