Chongqing KuaYue(Group) Co.,Ltd.

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Chongqing KuaYue(Group) Co.,Ltd.
CN China Suppliers > Chongqing KuaYue(Group) Co.,Ltd.
About us
HUNAN XIANGYU CHEMICAL CO.,LTD is the subsidiary company of CHONGQING KUAYUE(GROUP)CO.,LTD, witch was settled in 1995.XIANGYU have been producing Dyestuff Intermediate of Authraquione for along period of time.Now XIANGYU has about thirty kinds of products,and its total output can be up to 800 tons each year.XIANGYU has many regular customers of different regions,including Europe,USA,North America,and Japan,and firmly get the favorable comment on both quality and price.XIANGYU also has a good capacity in developing new products,and successfully produces a lot of new products that they need for the customer.
Contact us
+86-23-65318611/65309100 13807382180
Web site:
No.58,Shapingba Park,Shapingba,Chongqing,PR China
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