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fluoroboric acid

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fluoroboric acid


Inorganic chemicals

fluoroboric acid
CAS NO: 16872-11-0
EC NO: 240-898-3
Molecular Formula: HBF4
Molecular Weight: 87.8126
InChI: InChI=1/BF3.FH/c2-1(3)4;/h;1H
Packing: Pack in 25kg or 250kg polyvinyl plastic drum.
Product description:
Fluoroboric acid (HBF4), % ≥
Free boric acid, % ≤
Iron (Fe), % ≤
HF, % ≤
Sulfate, % ≤

Properties: Colorless transparent liquid; relative density is about 1.40; blendable and soluble in water and alcohol; decompose when heated to 130℃; can react with metallic element, metallic fluoride, oxide, hydroxid or carbonate to produce corresponding fluoborate; toxic.


Packing: Pack in 25kg or 250kg polyvinyl plastic drum.

Storage, transportation & safety protection: It belongs to second-class inorganic acid corrosives, UN No. 81026. Please handle it with care. Once touching it, please rinse the skin with lots of water immediately.
Synonyms: Hydrofluoboric acid;Hydrogen tetrafluoroborate;Fluoboric acid~Tetrafluoroboric acid;fluoroboric acid 50 % solution in water;Tetrafluoroboric acid;Fluoroboric acid 50% solution;Fluoboric Acid;tetrafluoroborate;fluoroboronic acid;trifluoroborane hydrofluoride;
Molecular Structure: fluoroboric acid 16872-11-0
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