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sodium carbonate plant

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sodium carbonate plant


Machinery and Equipment

sodium carbonate plant
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Specification: sodium carbonate plant
Packing: Nube Packing ,Wooden Packing,as wed as other sea worthy Packing
Product description:
Ammonia-soda Process Ammonia-soda Process(Solvay Process) Use underground brine or crude salt and limestone as raw material, remove the calcium and magnesium impurities from brine, re-absorption of ammonia into ammonia brine, and then carbonated ,will generate sodium bicarbonate crystallization.Filter and then calcined ,will generate soda ash.Filtered mother liquor, add lime ,reaction and distillation,recycling ammonia. Combined-soda Process (Hou's Process) For this process ,we will design according to your special demand because there are lots of choices.Now we recommend the most popular method for reference .It is Carbonation one time, absorption of ammonia two times, add salt one times and ice cooling methods.
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