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HC Blue 2

Details for HC Blue 2

HC Blue 2


Intermediates/Dyestuff intermediates

HC Blue 2
CAS NO: 33229-34-4
EC NO: 251-410-3
Molecular Formula: C12H19N3O5
Molecular Weight: 285.2964
Specification: Purity: 99% min
InChI: InChI=1/C12H19N3O5/c16-6-3-13-11-2-1-10(9-12(11)15(19)20)14(4-7-17)5-8-18/h1-2,9,13,16-18H,3-8H2
Packing: 25kg drums
Product description:
Product name:HC Blue 2# CAS No.:33229-34-4 Specifications: Appearance: dark-copper crystalline powder Purity: 99% min Melting point: 106 - 109 d.c. Iron content: 100PPM max Ash: 0.5% max Moisture: 0.5% max Applications:Hair Dye If you need more information,please contact us.Thanks!
Uses: hair dye raw material
Synonyms: 2,2-(4-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-3-Nitrophenylimino;2,2-[4-(2-Hydroxyethylamino)-3-nitrophenylimino]diethanol;3-Nitro-N1,N1,N4-tris(2-hydroxyethyl)-p-phenylendiamin;2,2'-((4-((2-hydroxyethyl)amino)-3-nitrophenyl)imino)bisethanol;2,2'-[4-(2-HYDROXYETHYLAMINO)-3-NITROPHENYLIMINO]DIETHANOL;3-NITRO-4-[N-(2-ETHOXYL)AMINO]-N,N-DI(2-ETHOXYL)PHENYLAMINE;3-NITRO-4-[N-(2-HYDROXYETHYL)AMINO]-N,N-BIS(2-HYDROXYETHYL)ANILINE;HC BLUE 2;HC BLUE NO 2;JAROCOL BLUE 2;2,2’-((4-((2-hydroxyethyl)amino)-3-nitrophenyl)imino)bis-ethano;2,2'-({4-[(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]-3-nitrophenyl}imino)diethanol;(2-NITRO-N1,N4,N4-TRIS-(2-HYDROXYETHYL)-P-PHENYLENE DIAMINE;HC Blue No. 2;HC Blue NO.2;
Molecular Structure: HC Blue 2 33229-34-4
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