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Dimethyl suberate Inquire
CAS NO:1732-09-8;   MF:C10H18O4
English Name: Dimethyl SuberateFormula: C10H18O4Purity: 99%CAS No.:...
Dimethyl Azelate Inquire
CAS NO:1732-10-1;   MF:C11H20O4
English Name: Dimethyl AzelateFormula: C11H20O4Purity: 98%CAS No.: ...
Dimethyl Undecanedioate Inquire
CAS NO:4567-98-0;   MF:C13H24O4
English Name: Dimethyl UndecanedioateFormula: C13H24O4Purity: 98%CA...
Dodecanedioic Acid Dimethyl Ester Inquire
CAS NO:1731-79-9;   MF:C14H26O4
English Name: Dodecanedioic Acid Dimethyl Ester(DAM, Dimethyl Dodec...
Dimethyl Brassylate Inquire
CAS NO:1472-87-3;   MF:C15H28O4
English Name: Dimethyl BrassylateFormula: C15H28O4Purity: 98%CAS No...
Dimethyl Tetradecanedioate Inquire
CAS NO:5024-21-5;   MF:C16H30O4
English Name: Dimethyl TetradecanedioateFormula: C16H30O4Purity: 98...
Dimethyl Pentadecanedioate Inquire
CAS NO:36575-82-3;   MF:C17H32O4
English Name: Dimethyl PentadecanedioateFormula: C17H32O4Purity: 98...
Dimethyl Hexadecanedioate Inquire
CAS NO:19102-90-0;   MF:C18H34O4
English Name: Dimethyl HexadecanedioateFormula: C18H34O4Purity: 98%...
Monomethyl Suberate Inquire
CAS NO:3946-32-5;   MF:C9H15O4
English Name: Monomethyl SuberateFormula: C9H16O4Purity: 98%CAS: 39...
Monomethyl Azelate Inquire
CAS NO:2104-19-0;
English Name: Monomethyl AzelateFormula: C10H18O4Purity: 98%CAS: 21...
Monomethyl Sebacate Inquire
CAS NO:818-88-2;   MF:C11H20O4
English Name: Monomethyl SebacateFormula: C11H20O4Purity: 98%CAS No...
Methyl hydrogen Hendecanedioate Inquire
CAS NO:3927-60-4;
English Name: Methyl hydrogen HendecanedioateFormula: C12H22O4Purit...
Monomethyl Dodecanedioate Inquire
CAS NO:3903-40-0;   MF:C13H24O4
English Name: Monomethyl DodecanedioateFormula: C13H24O4Purity: 98%...
3-Pyridinecarboxaldehyde Inquire
CAS NO:500-22-1;   MF:C6H5NO
English Name: 3-PyridinecarboxaldehydeFormula: C6H5NOPurity: 25%CAS...
3,3-Dimethylbutan-1-ol Inquire
CAS NO:624-95-3;   MF:C6H14O
English Name: 3,3-Dimethylbutan-1-olFormula: C6H14OPurity: 98%CAS: ...
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