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Details for Tetraethoxysilane



Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO: 78-10-4;1109-96-2;11099-06-2
EC NO: 201-083-8
Molecular Formula: C8H20O4Si
Molecular Weight: 208.328
InChI: InChI=1/C17H20N2O2S.Si/c1-3-20-15-9-5-13(6-10-15)18-17(22)19-14-7-11-16(12-8-14)21-4-2;/h5-12H,3-4H2,1-2H3,(H2,18,19,22);/q;+4
Product description:

Chemical Name: Tetraethoxysilane
CAS No.:    78-10-4
Used as binders in paints and coatings;
Used as silicone room temperature vulcanizing cross-linking agents;
Used as binders in precision castings;
Used as binders in ceramic.
Typical Physical Properties:
Molecular Weight: 208.33               
Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid               
Color(APHA): 30max
Refractive index at 20��(68�H):0.934-0.936
Silica content by wt. as SiO2: 28
Acidity (as HCl):<0.01
Ethyl alcohol: <2%
Iron: 0-5ppm
Packing: 180kg/Iron drum

Synonyms: Ethyl silicate;TEOS;Tetraethoxysilanemincolorlessliq;Tetraethoxysilaneredistilledinquartzforlowmetalimpurities;Tetraethoxysilane;Silicon ethoxide;Tetraethoxysilan;Silicon tetraethoxide;Silane Coupling Agent;Si-28; Teraethoxysilane;Silicic acid, ethyl ester;Ethyl polysilicate;Ethylpolysilikat;ETHYL SILICATE POLYMER;Ethyl Silicate 32;Ethyl Silicate 50;Silane Coupling Agent Si-40;ethoxy(oxo)silanol;diethoxy(oxo)silane;Ethyl silicate40(Polyethyl silicate-40);Polyethyl silicate-40;tetraethyl orthosilicate-40;Ethyl silicate28;Ethyl silicate-28;tetraethyl orthosilicate-28;Tetraethylorthosilicate;
Molecular Structure: Tetraethoxysilane 78-10-4;1109-96-2;11099-06-2
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