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Potassium carbonate

Details for Potassium carbonate

Potassium carbonate


Inorganic chemicals/Inorganic salts

Potassium carbonate
CAS NO: 584-08-7
EC NO: 209-529-3
Molecular Formula: K2CO3
Molecular Weight: 138.2066
Specification: Purity:99.0%.
InChI: InChI=1/CH2O3.2K.2H/c2-1(3)4;;;;/h(H2,2,3,4);;;;/p-2/rCH2O3.2HK/c2-1(3)4;;/h(H2,2,3,4);2*1H/p-2
Packing: 25KGS;50KGS;1MT BAG
Product description:
Property:white powder or crystal granule.Soluble in water,alkaline solution,strong moisture absorption,easy to form cakes. Use:Mainly used for large fertilizer decarburization, welding, pharmaceutical, hydrogen peroxide, film, ceramics, printing and dyeing.Also used in potassium glass and other industries, but also an important inorganic chemical raw materials.
Uses: fertilizer;industry material
Synonyms: Potassium carbonate anhydrous;Potassium carbonate hemihydrate;Potassiumcarbonate;Dipotassium carbonate;Carbonic acid, dipotassium salt;Carbonate Of Potash;Salt of tartar;alt of wormwood;Pearl ash;Potassium carbonate,anhydrous;Heavy potassium carbonate;
Molecular Structure: Potassium carbonate 584-08-7
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