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Bis(2-methoxy ethyl)ether

Details for Bis(2-methoxy ethyl)ether

Bis(2-methoxy ethyl)ether



Bis(2-methoxy ethyl)ether
CAS NO: 111-96-6
EC NO: 203-924-4
Molecular Formula: C6H14O3
Molecular Weight: 134.1736
Specification: Assay(GC)≥99.5% Water Assay% ≤0.05%
InChI: InChI:1S/C6H14O3/c1-7-3-5-9-6-4-8-2/h3-6H2,1-2H3
Packing: 200kg/208L sealed metal pail
Product description:
Product name: Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether Molecular formula: C6H14O3 Molecular weight: 134.18 Properties: Colorless transparent liquid, slightly scents of ether Item Specification Boiling point 161.3℃ Specific gravity (25℃/4℃) 0.9467 Refractive index (20℃) 1.4097 Flash point 63℃ Company standard: Q/JLH 005—2012 Technical index: Item Specification Purity (GC)% ≥99.5 Water Assay% ≤0.10  Acidity( as HAC)% ≤0.015 Peroxide( as H2O2)% ≤0.005 Uses: Non proton polar solvent, used as the polar solvent in organic reaction, anino and coordinating ion synthesis reaction, reducing reaction, alkylating and condensing reaction. The medium of grignard reaction , also applied in lesspollution detergent, extractant , thinner, auxiliary agent and resin solvent. Packing: 180kg/l metal pail
Uses: non-proton polar solvent. It can be used as reaction solvent, medium, non-polluted cleaning agent, extractant, diluent, auxiliary and resin solvent.
Synonyms: 1,1'-oxybis(2-methoxyethane);2,2'-oxybisethanol dimethyl ether;2,5,8-Trioxanonane;2-Methoxyethyl ether;Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether;diglycol methyl ether;Diglyme;Dimethyl Carbitol;methyl diglymer;bis-(2-methoxyethyl)ether;2,2'-oxybis(1-methoxyethane);DEDM;
Molecular Structure: Bis(2-methoxy ethyl)ether 111-96-6
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