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Natural Vitamin E

Details for Natural Vitamin E

Natural Vitamin E


Pharmaceuticals and Biochemicals

Natural Vitamin E
CAS NO: 59-02-5
Molecular Formula:
Molecular Weight:
Product description:
Produce's Intorduction :
Natural Vitamin E(Tocopherol) is derived form soybean Oil or rapeseed Oil,as nature's fat-soluble antioxidant constitutes : Alpha -tocopherol, Beta-tocopherol,Gamma-tocopherol and Delta -tocopherol. Beat-tocopherol exists in concentrations too low to have any practical significance. Gamma and Delta-tocopherol are known primarily for their antioxidant properties.Being used as antioxidant ,their physiological activities is:Delta ->Gamma->Beta->Alpha-.Nowadays,Nowadays,Natueal Vitamin E is divided into Mixed Tocopherol(Low alpha) and Tocopherol (High alpha).

Molecular constitution:


1. Brownish or light yellow, transparent oil-like liquid with mild and special odor
2. Density 0.947-0.955 and high boiling point 250οC (13.33Pa)
3. Soluble in ethanol ,acetones ,diethyl ether ,chloroform and vegetable oils&fats,lnsolible in water
4. No calorie ,not involved in metabolism in human body

Use: In food/feed and pharmaceutical industry

   Vitamin E(VE)is a necessary human nutrition and is a known antioxidant .Insuf-ficient intake of VE can cause serious illnesses in humans .In medicine,VE is used for treating gingivitis,coarseskin disease ,fatty liver (hepatic adipose infiltration infiltration ),arteriosclerosis, high blood cholesterol.VE is also used as a food additive and fortifier ,and as feed additives, and is known to improve human and animal reproductive functicity .As a cosmetic additive ,VE is known to prevent skin aging ,improve skin elasticity and rejuvenation .
Natural VE is an oily substance red browm or red in color with high viscosity. Its biological activity is higher than synthetic VE.Unlike its synthetic counterpart ,natural VE does not contain any chemical contamination which result from the chemical synthesis process.
   The Natural Vitamin E we extracted by molecule method technology are in accordance with the Alpha-tocopherol concentrate standard of U.S.A Food Chem-icals Codex (FCC),edition IV in 1996.
Main Technical Date for NATURAL Vitamin E


20%Mixed Tocopherol 50%Mixed Tocopherol 1000IU Tocopherol

VE Content

≥20%               ≥50%             ≥1000IU

Components content

d-(ß+γ+d)-VE≥80%   d-(?γ+d)-VE≥80%   d-a-VE≥95%

Acidity (0.1mol1/1NaOH)


Heavy metals


Water solublility



Brownish or light yellow,transparent oil-like liauid

Packing : 5Kg or 20Kg /aluminum drum

Shelf life :24 months form the date of manufacturing

Storage:Store in a day &infestation free place with temperature not exceeding 25οC . Caution:Avoid exposure to sunlight &heat.

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