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Allyl chloride

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Allyl chloride



Allyl chloride
CAS NO: 107-05-1
EC NO: 203-457-6
Molecular Formula: C3H5Cl
Molecular Weight: 76.5248
Product description:

Allyl chloride is a chemical intermediate used in many applications. It is a highly versatile product due to its dual reactive sites at the double bond and the chlorine atom.


The most important derivative of allyl chloride is epichlorohydrin, which is produced captively and is mainly used for epoxy resin production. The largest allyl chloride market is the manufacture of quaternary ammonium flocculants for raw and potable water clarification.

Other key chemicals made from allyl chloride include a variety of allylamines which are used for the production of ion exchange resins, polymers, and specialty products. Silane derivatives are incorporated as rubber crosslinking agents for the production of green tires.

Allyl chloride also finds applications for the manufacture of other miscellaneous specialty products such as:

Synonyms: 3-Chloro-1-propene;3-chloroprop-1-ene;
Molecular Structure: Allyl chloride 107-05-1
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