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Pigment Red 122

Details for Pigment Red 122

Pigment Red 122


Dyestuffs and Pigments

Pigment Red 122
CAS NO: 980-26-7
EC NO: 213-561-3
Molecular Formula: C22H16N2O2
Molecular Weight: 340.3746
Specification: PH Value 6.7 ,Light 8 ,Heat (°C) 250 ,,Water 5
InChI: InChI=1/C22H16N2O2/c1-11-3-5-17-13(7-11)21(25)15-9-20-16(10-19(15)23-17)22(26)14-8-12(2)4-6-18(14)24-20/h3-10H,1-2H3,(H,23,25)(H,24,26)
Packing: complex bags
Product description:
Chemical Name: Quinacridone Red CAS No.: 980-26-7 ; 16043-40-6 EU No.:213-561-3 C.I. NO.: 73915 Chemical Formula: C22H16N2O2 Molecular Weight:340.37
Uses: general application
Synonyms: Pigment Red 122;Quino(2,3-b)acridine-7,14-dione, 5,12-dihydro-2,9-dimethyl-;2,9-Dimethylquinacridone;Acramin Scarlet LDCN;C.I. 73915;C.I. Pigment Red 122;Fastogen Super Magneta R;Fastogen Super Magneta RE 03;Fastogen Super Magneta RG;Fastogen Super Magneta RH;Fastogen Super Magneta RS;Hostaperm Pink E;Hostaperm Pink EB;Hostperm Pink E 02;KF Red 1;Ket Red 309;Lionogen Magneta R;Monolite Rubine 3B;PV Fast Pink E;Paliogen Red 4790;Paliogen Red L 4790;Permanent Pink E;Quinacridone Magneta;Quindo Magneta RV 6803;Quindo Magneta RV 6831;Sunfast Magenta;5,12-Dihydro-2,9-dimethylquino(2,3-b)acridine-7,14-dione;Quino(2,3-b)acridin-7,14-dione, 5,12-dihydro-2,9-dimethyl-;2,9-dimethyl-5,12-dihydroquino[2,3-b]acridine-7,14-dione;;CI 73915;5,12-Dihydro-3,10-dimethylquino(2,3-b)acridine-7,14-dione;Quino(2,3-b)acridine-7,14-dione, 5,12-dihydro-3,10-dimethyl-;3,10-dimethyl-5,12-dihydroquino[2,3-b]acridine-7,14-dione;
Molecular Structure: Pigment Red 122 980-26-7
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