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Details for Ammonia



Inorganic chemicals

CAS NO: 7664-41-7
EC NO: 231-635-3
Molecular Formula: NH3
Molecular Weight: 17.03
InChI: InChI=1/H3N/h1H3
Product description:
In 1913 the first commercial synthesis of ammonia from the elements, called Haber-Bosch process, went on stream at Badische Anilin und Sodafabrik (BASF) A.G. in Ludwigshafen. Still today, more than 90 years after that breakthrough, the Haber-Bosch process is still the process all ammonia plants use for the commercial synthesis of ammonia. BASF operates ammonia plants at their sites in Ludwigshafen and Antwerp, which are serving the demands for ammonia at these sites as well as the demands of our customers for liquid ammonia and ammonia solution as well.
Synonyms: ammonia,anhydrous;Ammonia Solution Sg 0.91 - ANALYPUR;Liquid Ammonia;am-fol;ammonia(anhydrous);ammonia(non-specificname);Ammonia, anhydrous;ammonia,solution,withmorethan35%butnotmorethan50%ammonia;ammonia00;ammoniaanhydrous;
Molecular Structure: Ammonia 7664-41-7
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