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Calcium Hypochlorite

Details for Calcium Hypochlorite

Calcium Hypochlorite


Inorganic chemicals

Calcium Hypochlorite
CAS NO: 7778-54-3
EC NO: 231-908-7
Molecular Formula: Ca(ClO)2
Molecular Weight: 142.982
InChI: InChI=1/Ca.ClO/c;1-2/q+2;-1
Product description:
Calcium hypochlorite, dry CAS: 7778-54-3 Formula: CaCl2O2 Calcium hypochlorite mixture, dry, with more than 39% available Chlorine (8.8% available Oxygen) Chlorinated lime Losantin Pittchlor Calcium dihypochlorite PubChem: 24504 EC (EINECS/ELINCS): 231-908-7 EC Index Number: 017-012-00-7 RTECS: NH3485000
Synonyms: Calciumhypochloritetech;Bleaching powder;hypochlorous acid;calcium dihypochlorite;
Molecular Structure: Calcium Hypochlorite 7778-54-3
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