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Details for Ammonia



Inorganic chemicals

CAS NO: 7664-41-7
EC NO: 231-635-3
Molecular Formula: NH3
Molecular Weight: 17.03
InChI: InChI=1/H3N/h1H3
Product description:
Colorless to milky colored liquid, strong pungent odor of ammonia gas.Textiles, manufacture of rayon, rubber, condensation polymerization, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, photography (development of latent images), ammonia soaps, lubricants, fireproofing wood, ink mfr, ammonium compound, saponifying fats & oils, organic synth, detergent, household cleanser, food additive.
Synonyms: ammonia,anhydrous;Ammonia Solution Sg 0.91 - ANALYPUR;Liquid Ammonia;am-fol;ammonia(anhydrous);ammonia(non-specificname);Ammonia, anhydrous;ammonia,solution,withmorethan35%butnotmorethan50%ammonia;ammonia00;ammoniaanhydrous;
Molecular Structure: Ammonia 7664-41-7
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