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DF Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corp
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About us
D.F. GOLDSMITH CHEMICAL & METAL CORPORATION inherits a tradition of centuries of involvement with precious metals. The company, currently headquartered at 909 Pitner Avenue in Evanston, Illinois, is the result of over 150 years of family tradition in precious metals. Records indicate that a man named Solomon Goldsmith lived in Feldskirchen, Bavaria before 1800 and was probably, as his name indicated, a worker in gold and silver. His family immigrated to America in the mid 1800's and settled in Lexington, Kentucky. Solomon Goldsmith's son Marcus apparently continued the family tradition only on a limited scale by operating a precious metal furnace in his backyard in Lexington. Over a period of time he threw broken crucibles, slag and similar materials into a haphazard pile against his barn. In 1867, he shipped this accumulation to a smelter in the East and received a check in return for $15,000 - a truly princely sum by 1867 standards! Figuring any industry that could yield such bountiful by-products had a great potential, Marcus invested his new fortune and his full energy to refining and fabricating precious metals. His sons, Moses and Simon, incorporated the business as Goldsmith Brothers Smelting & Refining Company and moved to Chicago in the 1880's. After 92 years in the precious metal business, Goldsmith Brothers Smelting & Refining Company merged with NL Industries in 1959. The following year, Donald F. Goldsmith, the last member of the family still active in the business, resigned from the merged company and founded D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corporation. D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corporation opened in Chicago in 1960 with facilities to produce gold salts and to refine and bottle mercury. The company now is located in its own 5000-square-foot headquarters building in suburban Evanston, Illinois. The company's activities involve the sale and distribution of precious metal products. An unusually large and diverse inventory is carried in Evanston to assure prompt delivery on a wide variety of items. Platinum, silver and gold is stocked as pure metal in the form of wire, sheet, foil and anodes in an amazing array of sizes; for example, platinum from 0.008" foil to 1/4" plate; platinum wire from 0.001" diameter to 1/16" diameter; silver from 0.001" foil to 2" baIl anodes. In addition to metallic form, literally hundreds of precious metals salts (gold monocyanide, osmium trichloride and ruthenium red, to name a few) are also in stock for immediate shipment or can be custom synthesized and delivered, usually within a few days. In addition to insuring quick, reliable deliveries, this inventory policy minimizes per unit fabrication charges to customers. D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corporation works with its affiliated company, Ames-Goldsmith Corporation of Glens Falls, New York, in the manufacture and marketing of silver nitrate, silver oxide and silver powders. D.F. Goldsmith repacks these salts into small containers for general laboratory use and also services the consumer who does not choose to purchase silver for toll conversion or who requires special financing or pricing arrangements. D.F. Goldsmith Chemical & Metal Corporation is a Patron Member of the International Precious Metals Institute and its representative to IPMI is Donald F. Goldsmith.
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