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Gentex Corporation
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About us
Highly diverse and wholly focused on the safety and preservation of life, Gentex Corporation offers a wide range of leading products, materials and technologies. Our ability to coordinate research, design, product development, testing, manufacturing, sales and marketing is what differentiates Gentex from the competition. And, it's what allows us to bring a multitude of customized products, materials and technologies - to realization for our valued customers, every day. While some customers require only a single component of what may appear to be unrelated offerings for vertical markets, other customers rely on our expert teams to deliver fully integrated life support and protection systems, complete materials solutions or comprehensive technology processes. An example of these integrated solutions includes a fully integrated helmet system engineered and manufactured for U.S. Armed Forces fixed-wing pilots. Complete with oxygen mask, microphone within oxygen mask, helmet comfort liner, and sun and laser protective visors, every component coordinates with an advanced helmet made of high performance material to offer products and technologies delivering superior protection and usability based upon stringent military specifications. After more than a century of operations, Gentex continues to be a modern and dynamic corporation with an ongoing commitment to innovation, responsiveness, high quality and superior performance as defined in our corporate vision. To better understand the strategic integration of our products, materials and technologies, we invite you to view our full-color Corporate Brochure and Video - available online. We also encourage you to explore Gentex's ISO certified facilities, visit our online museum of past and present products and discover more about our distinguished history. Or, for prospective employees, visit our careers and benefits sections to research current job opportunities within the Gentex Corporation and learn more about our community contributions.
Contact us
+1 570-876-1232 ext. 31
+1 570-876-5381
Web site:
Delaware & Line Sts.Archbald, PA 18403 USA
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