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Stannous chloride

Details for Stannous chloride

Stannous chloride


Inorganic chemicals

Stannous chloride
CAS NO: 10025-69-1
EC NO: 231-868-0
Molecular Formula: H4ClO2Sn
Molecular Weight: 190.1919
InChI: InChI=1/ClH.2H2O.Sn/h1H;2*1H2;/q;;;+4/p-1
Product description:
Colorless to white, odorless solid.Widely used as a reducing agent (in acid solution), and in electrolytic baths for tin-plating.
Synonyms: Stannous chloride dihydrate;Tinchloridedihydrate;Tin (II) chloride hydrated;dichloro-lambda~2~-stannane;dichloro-lambda~2~-stannane dihydrate;stannic chloride dihydrate;Tin(Ⅱ)chloride dihydrate;
Molecular Structure: Stannous chloride 10025-69-1
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