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Thionyl chloride

Details for Thionyl chloride

Thionyl chloride



Thionyl chloride
CAS NO: 7719-09-7
EC NO: 231-748-8
Molecular Formula: SOCl2
Molecular Weight: 118.9704
InChI: InChI=1/Cl2OS/c1-4(2)3
Product description:

Molecular Formula:SOCl2

Molecular Weight:118.97

CAS NO.:7719-09-7

Applications:Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with a pungent odor, density 1.64g/ml, melting point -105oC, boiling point 78.8oC, soluble in benzene, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride, water decomposition to produce sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride. Begins to decompose when heated to 150oC. As chlorinating agent, is mainly used in medicine, pesticides, dyes and organic synthesis industry.

Executive Standard:HG/T3788-2013

Synonyms: Thionylchloridecolorlesspaleyellowliq;thionyl dichloride;Thionylchlorid;sulfoxide chloride;
Molecular Structure: Thionyl chloride 7719-09-7
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