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Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Details for Sodium Hypochlorite Solution

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution


Inorganic chemicals

Sodium Hypochlorite Solution
CAS NO: 7681-52-9
EC NO: 231-668-3
Molecular Formula: NaClO
Molecular Weight: 68.4597
Specification: Available Chlorine: 8%~17% Liquid
InChI: InChI=1/ClO.Na/c1-2;/q-1;+1
Packing: IBC drum 21.6MT /20'FCL
Product description:
Sodium hypochlorite (1)Direct manufacturer (2)Accept SGS (3)ISO 9001 certificate (4)Export to globle (5)Fast Delivery (6)Reasonable price&good quality Specification: (a)CAS No.: 7681-52-9 (b)Molecular Weight: 74.44 (c)Chemical Formula: NaOCl (d)Appearance: colorless liquid with strong odour (e)Available Chlorine: 10%, 12%, 15% 20% (f)NaOH: 1% max Application: the product can be widely used as disinfectant, bleaching agent or oxidant resulting from the available chlorine in the product, for example, it has a wonderful disinfection for swimming-pool, drinking water, cooling tower &sewage and waste water, food, and farming, Hospital, school, station and household etc., good bleaching and oxidation are also found in paper and dye industry. Storage: Isolate from incompatible substances. Containers of this material may be hazardous when empty since they retain product residues (vapors, liquid); observe all warnings and precautions listed for the product.
Uses: Used in the water the purification, as well as made the disinfectant, the paper pulp to float waits in vain, in the pharmaceutical industry used the system chloramine and so on.
Synonyms: TEEPOL BLEACH;Sodium hypochlorite solution;SODA BLEACHING LYE;b-kliquid;carrel-dakinsolution;caswellno776;chloros;chlorous acid;Sodium hypochlorite disinfectant;
Molecular Structure: Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 7681-52-9
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