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Kawaken Fine Chemicals Co. Ltd
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About us
In October 1945, Dr. Yasota Kawakami founded Kawakami Research Laboratory offering technical consulting and contract research. At the time, the laboratory was a professional consulting team dealing with chemical technology. The Laboratory was reorganized as Kawaken Research Laboratory Co., Ltd. in 1949, and in 1964 the name was changed to the present Kawaken Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. Using own patents and know-how, the company has grown to the present size. We have maintained and practiced this "spirit of foundations "through our technical consulting and contract research. This is a characteristic feature of Kawaken distinguishing it from other manufacturing companies. The other distinctive feature of Kawaken Fine Chemicals is that it has been engaged in the fine chemicals field from its inception. Kawaken is acknowledged, intensive enterprise comprised of research, production and marketing. In Japan, with scarcity in natural resources, we are confident that research and development will create products that will satisfy needs in the global marketplace. Kawaken will be striving to meet the goal.
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Horidome Bldg., 2-3-3 Nihonbashi Horidome-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0012
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