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About us

Scora was founded in 1931. Specialist in Calcium and Magnesium derivatives, Scora exports its productions on the 5 continents and has a large distributors ans agents network in the worldWith a perfectly well mastered process (Pattinson's process), SCORA produces Magnesium and Calcium Carbonates by separation of the both elements extracted from the dolomite (=MgCO3+CaCO3). The calcination of the Magnesium Carbonate leads to highly pure Magnesium Oxides. It is the purpose of this process. The specificity of the magnesium derivatives is the very low density. A second process which is unique, leads to the production of 2 highly pure grades of Precipited Calcium Carbonate (Scoralites 1A and 1B) for specific applications.

SCORA benefits by the presence of a Reseaches unit.

SCORA has a great experience for the selection of the best raw materials and for synthesis process development. The most pushed processes are used for their conversion. SCORA shows a real flexibility in order to answer to the technical and qualitive specifications requested by the customers

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