Abamectin Inquire
CAS NO:71751-41-2;   MF:C48H72O14
Common name AbamectionChemical Abstracts name5-O-demethylaverm...
Acetamiprid Inquire
CAS NO:135410-20-7;   MF:C10H11ClN4
Common name AcetamipridChemical Abstracts name(E)-N-[(6-chloro...
Beta-cyfluthrin Inquire
CAS NO:68359-37-5;   MF:C22H18Cl2FNO3
Common name Beta-cyfluthrinChemical Abstracts namecyano(4-fluo...
Beta-cypermethrin Inquire
CAS NO:65731-84-2;   MF:C44H38Cl4N2O6
Common name Beta-cypermethrinChemical Abstracts namecyano(3-ph...
Bisultap Inquire
CAS NO:7772-98-7;
Common name BisultapCAS RN7772-98-7M.F.:C5H11NNa2O6SMode of ac...
Chlorpyrifos Inquire
CAS NO:2921-88-2;   MF:C9H11Cl3NO3PS
Common name ChlorpyrifosChemicalAbstracts nameO,O-diethyl O-(3...
Cyfluthrin Inquire
CAS NO:68359-37-5;   MF:C22H18Cl2FNO3
Common name CyfluthrinChemical Abstracts namecyano(4-fluoro-3-...
Cypemethrin Inquire
CAS NO:52315-07-8;
Common name CypermethrinChemical Abstracts namecyano(3-phenoxy...
Emamectin Benzoate Inquire
CAS NO:119791-41-2;   MF:C56H81NO15
Common name Emamectin BenzoateChemicalAbstracts name(4″R...
Etofenprox Inquire
CAS NO:80844-07-1;   MF:C25H28O3
Common name Etofenprox ChemicalAbstracts name1-[[2-(4-ethoxyph...
Imidacloprid Inquire
CAS NO:138261-41-3;   MF:C9H10ClN5O2
Common name Lambda-cyhalothrinChemical Abstracts name[lα...
Lambda-cyhalothrin Inquire
CAS NO:91465-08-6;   MF:C23H19ClF3NO3
Common name Lambda-cyhalothrinChemical Abstracts name[lα...
Monosultap Inquire
CAS NO:52207-48-4;   MF:C5H12NNaO6S4
Common name MonosultapCAS RN52207-48- 4M.F.:C5H14NNaO7S4Mode o...
Permethrin Inquire
CAS NO:52645-53-1;   MF:C21H19Cl2O3
Common name PermethrinChemical Abstracts name(3-phenoxyphenyl)...
Thiocyclam Inquire
CAS NO:31895-21-3;   MF:C5H11NS3
Common name ThiocyclamChemical Abstracts nameN,N-dimethyl-1,2,...
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