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Ferrous sulfate

Details for Ferrous sulfate

Ferrous sulfate


Ferrous sulfate
CAS NO: 7720-78-7
EC NO: 231-753-5
Molecular Formula: FeSO4
Molecular Weight: 151.9087
InChI: InChI=1/Fe.H2O4S/c;1-5(2,3)4/h;(H2,1,2,3,4)/p-2
Product description:

Ferrous fumarate is a kind of safe and effcient organic nutrition iron additive agent,and the content of ferrous fumarate is high(Fe2+=30%),After the absorption of ferrous fumarate the Fe2+ is easy to dissolve and enters into the erythrocytes. It has been widely used in food industry.

Biology and chemical propertes:1, It is the new additive of iron which is safe and effcient and it can be used for a long period.2, The absorption way is different from sulfate and the product can relieve the compitition of different elements and it can increase the absorption of the utilization as well as other elements rates.3, The product is stable and it will not damage the vitamins,and can not promote the oxide reaction. The product can match well with all kinds of nutrients, which can pass the absorbing barriers,and increase the quality of the feed.Chromium picolinate:1, Pigs:It can makes the aberdeen pigs turn health and increase the immunity ,and relieve all kinds of stimulations and improve the level of myoglobin. The product can also improve the color of the pigs and the sow reproductive performance,which can make the using period more longer. The aberdeen pigs living rate can be increased too as well as the growing rate of berdeen pigs.2, Avian:The color of the avain can be more lightening and the quality of the eggs can be better.3, Aquatic animals:The color is bright and the meat is more tasteful and the growing rate can be raised.Recommanded amount:g/ tonsFeedPigs, Avian 150-250

Fish, Shrimp, Crab 200-300

Package:25Kg/barrel 25Kg/ bagsStorage:It should be storied in cool and dry environment. The durability is 24 months

Synonyms: Duroferon;Feosol;Fer-In-Sol;Iron monosulfate;Sulfuric Acid, Iron (2+) Salt (1:1);Ferrous sulphate;IRON (II) SULFATE;
Molecular Structure: Ferrous sulfate 7720-78-7
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