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Sodium Bisulfate Inquire
CAS NO:7681-38-1;   MF:NaHSO4
Sodium BisulfateSodium BisulphateMolecular Formula: NaHSO4Molecular...
Sodium Ferrocyanide Inquire
CAS NO:13601-19-9;   MF:Na4Fe·(CN)6
Sodium FerrocyanideMolecular Formula: Na4Fe(CN)6·10H2OMolecular We...
Sodium Hydroxide Inquire
CAS NO:1310-73-2;8012-01-9;   MF:NaOH
Sodium HydroxideCaustic SodaMolecular Formula: NaOHMolecular Weight...
Sodium Molybdate Inquire
CAS NO:7631-95-0;106463-33-6;14666-91-2;   MF:MoNa2O4
Sodium MolybdateSodium Molybdate DihydrateMolecular Formula: Na2MoO...
Strontium Fluoride Inquire
CAS NO:7783-48-4;   MF:F2Sr
Strontium FluorideMolecular Formula: SrF2Molecular Weight: 125.62CA...
Trisodium Hexafluoroaluminate Inquire
CAS NO:15096-52-3;1344-75-8;13775-53-6;12397-51-2;   MF:Na3AlF6
Trisodium HexafluoroaluminateAluminum Sodium FluorideCryoliteMolecu...
ATMP Inquire
CAS NO:6419-19-8;   MF:C3H12NO9P3
Amino Trimethylene Phosphonic Acid (ATMP)Nitrilotrimethylene Tripho...
Polyaluminium Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:1327-41-9;   MF:Al2Cl(OH)5
Polyaluminium ChloridePACMolecular Formula: [Al2(OH)nCl6-n]mMolecul...
Sodium Polyacrylate Inquire
CAS NO:9003-04-7;   MF:(C3H3O2Na)n
Sodium PolyacrylatePAASMolecular Formula: (C3H3O2Na)nMolecular Weig...
Zinc Chloride Anhydrous Inquire
CAS NO:7646-85-7;
Zinc ChlorideMolecular Formula: ZnCl2Molecular Weight: 136.28CAS: 7...
Zinc Sulfide Inquire
CAS NO:1314-98-3;   MF:SZn
Zinc SulfideC.I. Pigment White 7Molecular Formula: ZnSMolecular Wei...
Zinc Selenide Inquire
CAS NO:1315-09-9;   MF:SeZn
Zinc SelenideMolecular Formula: ZnSeMolecular Weight: 144.37CAS: 13...
Antimony Pentafluoride Inquire
CAS NO:7783-70-2;   MF:F5Sb
Antimony PentafluorideAntimony FluorideMolecular Formula: SbF5Molec...
Molybdenum Fluoride Inquire
CAS NO:7783-77-9;
Molybdenum FluorideMolybdenum HexafluorideMolecular Formula: MoF6Mo...
Sulfur Hexafluoride Inquire
CAS NO:2551-62-4;   MF:H4F2S
Sulfur HexafluorideMolecular Formula: SF6Molecular Weight: 146.05CA...
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