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Calcium Hydride Inquire
CAS NO:7789-78-8;125544-53-8;   MF:CaH2
Calcium HydrideMolecular Formula: CaH2Molecular Weight: 42CAS: 7789...
Lithium Aluminium Hydride Inquire
CAS NO:16853-85-3;   MF:AlH4Li
Lithium Aluminium HydrideLAHLithium TetrahydridoaluminateMolecular ...
Sodium Borohydride Inquire
CAS NO:16940-66-2;   MF:NaBH4
Sodium BorohydrideSodium tetrahydroborateMolecular Formula: NaBH4Mo...
1,4-Dioxane Inquire
CAS NO:123-91-1;28347-88-8;28347-91-3;39449-24-6;54841-74;   MF:C4H8O2
1,4-DioxaneDiethylene dioxideMolecular Formula: C4H8O2Molecular Wei...
Ammonium Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:12125-02-9;   MF:NH4Cl
Ammonium ChlorideMolecular Formula: NH4ClMolecular Weight: 53.49CAS...
Barium Fluoride Inquire
CAS NO:7787-32-8;   MF:BaF2
Barium FluorideMolecular Formula: BaF2Molecular Weight: 175.33CAS: ...
Calcium Hypochlorite Inquire
CAS NO:7778-54-3;   MF:Ca(ClO)2
Calcium HypochloriteBleaching PowderMolecular Formula: Ca(ClO)2Mole...
Chromium(III) Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:10025-73-7;   MF:Cl2CrO2
Chromium(III) ChlorideChromic ChlorideMolecular Formula: CrCl3.6H2O...
Copper(I) Cyanide Inquire
CAS NO:544-92-3;   MF:CCuN
Copper(I) CyanideCuprous CyanideMolecular Formula: CuCNMolecular We...
Indium Chloride Inquire
CAS NO:10025-82-8;12672-70-7;   MF:H2Cl3InO
Indium ChlorideIndium TrichlorideMolecular Formula: InCl3.H2OMolecu...
Indium Nitrate Inquire
CAS NO:13770-61-1;207398-97-8;   MF:InN3O9
Indium NitrateMolecular Formula: In(NO3)3.4H2OMolecular Weight: 300...
Indium Sulfate Inquire
CAS NO:13464-82-9;   MF:In2O12S3
Indium SulfateMolecular Formula: In2(So4)3Molecular Weight: 517.82C...
Indium(III) bromide Inquire
CAS NO:13465-09-3;   MF:Br3In
Indium(III) bromideIndium TribromideMolecular Formula: InBr3Molecul...
Indium(III) Hydroxide Inquire
CAS NO:20661-21-6;55326-87-9;   MF:H6InO3
Indium(III) HydroxideIndium TrihydroxideIndium HydroxideMolecular F...
Lithium Fluoride Inquire
CAS NO:7789-24-4;   MF:LiF
Lithium FluorideLithium Fluoride AnhydrousMolecular Formula: LiFMol...
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