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Details for DEHA



Intermediates/Pharmaceutical intermediates

CAS NO: 3710-84-7
EC NO: 223-055-4
Molecular Formula: C4H11NO
Molecular Weight: 89.14
InChI: InChI=1/C4H11NO.C2H2O4/c1-3-5(6)4-2;3-1(4)2(5)6/h6H,3-4H2,1-2H3;(H,3,4)(H,5,6)
Product description:
Product NameN,N-Diethyl hydroxyl amine ( DEHA )
CAS NO.3710-84-7
Molecular formula


Molecular structure

Packing170kg plastic drum
Product usage

1.As a vinyl monomer, used in efficient inhibitor agent of conjugate olefins.
2. In liquid or gas phase, if end gather seed is existed,it can be used as inhibitors of end gather.
3. It's a excellent end agent in process of Emulsion-polymerized styrene butadiene rubber.
4.It's a antioxidants of the unsaturated oil and resin.
5.In the environmental protection,it’s good photochemical smoke inhibitors.
6. It's used as corrosion inhibitors in the equipment of the boiler feed water and steam heat exchange.
7. It's used as antioxidant in photography sc-reens potions. Pay attention to level, it must be the photography level,and appearance is colorless liquid. Industrial level can not be used here.

REACH Registration--
Class or division
Dangerous GoodsUN NumberPacking Grup
H.S.CODE2942000000 / 2928000090

Jessica Xuan


Synonyms: N,N-Diethyl Hydroxyl Amine;DEHA;N,N-diethyl hydroxylae;N,N-Diethyl hydroxyamine;N-ethyl-N-hydroxyethanamine;N-ethyl-N-hydroxyethanamine sulfate (1:1);N-ethyl-N-hydroxyethanamine ethanedioate (1:1);N,N-diethylhydroxy-amine;Diethylhydroxylamine;
Molecular Structure: DEHA 3710-84-7
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