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About us

Since its establishment in 1950, Hokko has enjoyed steady growth in the volume of business as well as in development of new agrochemical and fine chemical products under efficient and progressive management. In the agrochemicals division , Hokko has maintained a close relationship with ZEN-NOH, Japan's National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations, which has had a predominantly powerful influence on Japan's overall agricultural industry. Accordingly, in Japan, almost all of Hokko's agrochemical sales are channeled through ZEN-NOH, which has resulted in Hokko occupying about 10% of the domestic agrochemical market share. You may be sure that Hokko is ranked as one of the leading agrochemical companies in Japan. Hokko's agrochemical output is optimized at each of its three factories, located in Hokkaido, Niigata and Okayama Prefecture with flourishing agriculture respectively. Hokko' sales activities in Japan are implemented through its 11 branches, strategically located to cover the whole domestic market effectively. It's Tokyo Head Office plays the role of the network center to supply agrochemicals for all of them.

Other than agrochemicals, in the fine chemicals division, Hokko endeavors to make the best use of its core Grignard Synthesis Technology, which is, to be exact, a know-how accumulated and fostered by its experts over a great many years. A large number of fine chemical products manufactured in the Okayama Factory are successfully placed on both domestic and foreign markets.

Hokko will continue to increase emphasis on R & D to anticipate market needs in a timely fashion. In addition to the Grignard reaction, Hokko is developing other reaction techniques such as the Wittig reaction, Suzuki coupling, chlorination of alcohols and enzyme-catalyzed resolution. Since 1994, sales in the fine chemicals division have shown such a steady growth that the share has reached 20% of Hokko's sales turnover. Hokko has the pleasure of assuring you that this share is still on the increase trend.

Hokko will further concentrate its managerial resources on such key fields as electronics, pharmaceuticals, intermediates, synthetic aromatics and inorganic functional materials, in addition to agrochemicals. Hokko is proud that its all three factories hold the certificates of both ISO 9002 and ISO 14001, which are internationally well known. Hokko constantly seeks to maintain product quality at the highest possible level and also protect the environment. These activities have won Hokko an outstanding reputation for reliability. Consequently, Hokko has received custom manufacturing from several other corporations at home and abroad.

Hokko has exported its products to many foreign countries for many years. In the field of international agrochemical activities, Hokko has a firm named " Hokko do Brasil " , a joint venture between Hokko and Tomen Corporation, which manufactures agrochemicals in Brazil. Hokko has " San Jose Office " in Costa Rica as well , which does sales promotion and technical supports of Hokko's agrochemicals in Latin American areas.

Hokko's R & D activities are centered on its two research laboratories, The Central Research Laboratories for agrochemicals and The Fine Chemicals Research Laboratories, both of which are located in Atsugi City in the vicinity of Tokyo. Hokko's research laboratories are in charge of conducting cutting-edge research and development work with the aim of developing and creating new products and technology. In addition, The Process Research and Development Laboratory in its Okayama Factory controls process optimization of fine chemicals production.

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Mitsui Building No.24-20,Nihonbashi Hongoku-cho 4-chome,chuo-ku,Tokyo 103-8341,Japan
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