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N,N'-Diphenylbenzidine Inquire
CAS NO:531-91-9;   MF:C24H20N2
CAS: 531-91-9MF: C24H20N2 Appearance: White crystalline powderAssay...
Copper(II) tetrafluoroborate hexahydrate Inquire
CAS NO:72259-10-0;   MF:H12B2CuF8O6
Appearance: blue crystalCu(BF4)2.6H2O : 98%minH2O : 1.5%maxHBF4: 0....
Indium fluoroborate Inquire
CAS NO:27765-48-6;   MF:B3F12In
Molecular Formula:In(BF4)3Appearance: colorless clear liquidIn(BF4)...
Ferrous fluoborate Inquire
CAS NO:15283-51-9;   MF:B2F8Fe
Molecular Formula:Fe(BF4)2MF: Fe(BF4)2Appearance: light green trans...
Perfluorooctanesulfonamide Inquire
CAS NO:754-91-6;   MF:C8H2F17NO2S
MF: C8H2F17NO2SAssay: 90%min.Appearance: yellow solidApplication: S...
Trifluoromethanesulfonic acid Inquire
CAS NO:1493-13-6;   MF:CHF3O3S
Molecular Formula:CF3SO3HAppearance: clear light yellow liquidAssay...
Perfluorotriethylamine Inquire
CAS NO:359-70-6 ;   MF:C6F15N
MF: N-( CF2CF3) 3 Properties:1.Colorless, odorless, transparent liq...
Pyridine hydrofluoride Inquire
CAS NO:32001-55-1;   MF:C5H6IN
MF: C5H5N.HFAppearance : brown transparent liquidAssay : 70% minPac...
Perfluorooctanoic acid Inquire
CAS NO:335-67-1;   MF:C8F15O2
MF:CF3(CF2 )6CF2COOH Appearance :white powder with special odor...
N-Fluorobenzenesulfonimide Inquire
CAS NO:133745-75-2;   MF:C9H4F6O2
Cas No.: 133745-75-2MF: C14H16F17IN2O2S Melting point:114-116 °CAp...
2,2,2-trifluoroacetanide Inquire
CAS NO:354-38-1;   MF:C4ClF10P
MF:CF3CONH2 MW: 113.04Appearance : yellowish crystalMelting point :...
Perfluoroheptaue Inquire
CAS NO:335-57-9;   MF:C7F16
MF: C7F16 Appearance: Colorless transparent liquidAssay: 99%minDens...
Perfluorobutanoicaid Inquire
CAS NO:375-22-4;   MF:C4F7O2
MF: C3F7COOH Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid, soluble in w...
Perfluoro alkyl organic phosphate Inquire
CAS NO:67969-69-1 ;   MF:C12H9F17NO6PS·2(NH4)
CAS No.67969-69-1 MF: C12H9F17NO6PS.2(NH4) MW: 685.29 Appearanc...
3-[(Perfluorooxooctyl) amino]propyltrimethylammonium iodides Inquire
CAS NO:335-90-0;   MF:C14H16F15N2O·I
Appearance: waxy yellow solid or 30% amber solution.Molecular formu...
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