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Aluminium Phosphide

Details for Aluminium Phosphide

Aluminium Phosphide



Aluminium Phosphide
CAS NO: 20859-73-8
EC NO: 244-088-0
Molecular Formula: AlP
Molecular Weight: 57.9553
Specification: 56/57% tablets+pellets
InChI: InChI=1/Al.P/q+3;-3
Product description:
Dark gray or dark yellow crystals; cubic zinc blende structure. Garlic odor.Insecticide, fumigant.
Synonyms: Aluminum phosphide;AL-Phos;Aluminium fosfide;Aluminium fosfide [Dutch];Aluminium phosphide (AlP);Aluminum monophosphide;Aluminum phosphide (AlP);Aluminum phosphide pesticide;Caswell No. 031;Celphide;Celphine;Celphos;Celphos (indian);Delicia;Delicia gastoxin;Detia;Detia-Ex-B;EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 066501;Fosfuri di alluminio;Fosfuri di alluminio [Italian];Fumitoxin;Gastion;HSDB 6035;Phosphures d'alumium;Phosphures d'alumium [French];Phostoxin;Phostoxin-A;Quickphos;RCRA waste number P006;UN 1397;UNII-E23DR6L59S;Aluminum phosphide [UN1397] [Dangerous when wet];RCRA waste no. P006;UN1397;phosphanylidynealuminum;aluminum phosphorus(-3) anion;
Molecular Structure: Aluminium Phosphide 20859-73-8
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