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About us

B.V. Industrie- en handelsonderneming SIMONISis since 1957 active in the field of export of pesticides (including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides) and fertilizers.

Most of the agro-chemicals / pesticides are formulated in Holland, and regular stocks of a number of active ingredients are readily available.

For the fertilizers the bulk material, from main West-European producers, is re-packed in our own WOPRO-branded 25 or 50 kg bags or big bags, or in custom-made preprinted bags. Also a complete line of NPK-blends can be supplied, as well as soluble NPK-powders and a range of micro-nutrients.

B.V. Industrie- en handelsonderneming SIMONIS an active, flourishing, and still growing company is situated in Doetinchem, in the east of Holland.

Contact us
+31-314 333 7000
+31-314 344 167
Web site:
P.O. Box 620 7000 AP Doetinchem
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