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Bismuth Vanadate

Details for Bismuth Vanadate

Bismuth Vanadate


Dyestuffs and Pigments

Bismuth Vanadate
CAS NO: 14059-33-7
EC NO: 237-898-0
Molecular Formula: BiO4V
Molecular Weight: 323.9195
InChI: InChI=1/Bi.4O.V/q+3;4*-2;+5
Synonyms: 771740;Alfa yellow [KP];Bismuth-Vanadate
Yellow lemon [KP];Bismuth-Vanadate [GU];Bismuth Vanadate Yellow [GEN, DS];Bismuth Yellow [DR, MG, SQ,TA, WN];Bismuth Yellow Light [SQ, TA];Bismuth Yellow Medium [SQ, TA];Bismuth Yellow Deep;Bismuth vanadium tetraoxide;bismuth; oxygen(-2) anion; vanadium(+5) cation;Bismuth vanadate;
Molecular Structure: Bismuth Vanadate 14059-33-7
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