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Magnesium Titanate

Details for Magnesium Titanate

Magnesium Titanate


Inorganic chemicals

Magnesium Titanate
CAS NO: 12032-30-3;12032-35-8
EC NO: 234-766-4;234-770-6
Molecular Formula: Mg2O4Ti
Molecular Weight: 160.4746
InChI: InChI=1/2Mg.4O.Ti/q2*+2;4*-1;/r2Mg.O4Ti/c;;1-5(2,3)4/q2*+2;-4
Synonyms: Magnesiumtitanatetechgrcawhitepowder;magnesium,oxygen(-2) anion,titanium(+4) cation;magnesium dioxido(oxo)titanium;dimagnesium tetraoxidotitanium;magnesium dititanate;Magnesium titanium oxide (MgTi2O5);Karrooite;Magnesium dititanium pentoxide;Magnesium titanate;Magnesium titanate (MgTi2O5);Titanate (Ti2O52-), magnesium (1:1);Magnesium dititanate;Magnesium titanate (IV) (MgTi2O5)
Molecular Structure: Magnesium Titanate 12032-30-3;12032-35-8
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