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Terathane(R) 1400

Details for Terathane(R) 1400

Terathane(R) 1400


Paint and Coatings/Boat Paint

Terathane(R) 1400
CAS NO: 25190-06-1
Molecular Formula: H·(C4H8O)n·OH
Molecular Weight:
InChI: InChI=1/C8H18O2/c1-3-5-6-10-8(4-2)7-9/h8-9H,3-7H2,1-2H3/t8-/m0/s1
Packing: 200kg/drum
Product description:
Synonyms:terathane 2000 polyether glycol (poly-tetrahydrof; Poly(tetrahydrofuran); Terathane?1400; (2S)-2-butoxybutan-1-ol; PTMEG Molecular Formula:H·(C4H8O)n·OH
Uses: It can be used as tyre, driving band, gasket, etc. It can also be used as coating, artificial leather, etc. Average molecular weight is 2000 Poly(tetramethylene ether glycol) 650 can be used to produce polycarbaminate fiber. Since it has good anticoagulan
Synonyms: terathane 2000 polyether glycol (poly-tetrahydrof;Poly(tetrahydrofuran);Terathane 1400;(2S)-2-butoxybutan-1-ol;PTMEG;PTMG;Poly(tetramethylene ether glycol) 650;Poly(tetramethylene ether glycol) 2900;
Molecular Structure: Terathane(R) 1400 25190-06-1
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