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Quaternized Alkyl Pyridine

Details for Quaternized Alkyl Pyridine

Quaternized Alkyl Pyridine


Organic chemicals and Derivatives

Quaternized Alkyl Pyridine
CAS NO: 68909-18-2
EC NO: 272-695-0;273-252-4
Molecular Formula: C13H16ClN
Molecular Weight: 221.7258
Specification: quater degree 80%
InChI: InChI=1/C13H16N.ClH/c1-14(10-6-3-7-11-14)12-13-8-4-2-5-9-13;/h2-10H,11-12H2,1H3;1H/q+1;/p-1
Packing: 200kg drum
Product description:
it is a composite of the pyridine quaternary amine salts,made from alkyl pyridine derivatives.,shows good dispersion and corrosion resistance in acid liquid condition.
Uses: a corrosion inhibitor concentrate to formulate water soluble or oil soluble/dispersible corrosion inhibitors for drilling and water treatment. usually sufficient for effective protection. The main content of complex agents such as acidification, sewage, a
Synonyms: Pyridinium, 1-(phenylmethyl)-, Et Me derivs., chlorides;1-(Phenylmethyl)pyridinium Et Me derivs., chlorides;Alkyl pyridine, benzylchloride quaternized;Benzyl (C1-C2)-alkylpyridinium chloride;Pyridinium, ethyl-1-(phenylmethyl)-, chloride, mixed with methyl-1-(phenylmethyl)pyridinium chloride;1-benzyl-1-methyl-1,2-dihydropyridinium chloride;Composite pyridine quaternary ammonium salt;
Molecular Structure: Quaternized Alkyl Pyridine 68909-18-2
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