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Sodium bromate

Details for Sodium bromate

Sodium bromate



Sodium bromate
CAS NO: 7789-38-0
EC NO: 232-160-4
Molecular Formula: NaBrO3
Molecular Weight: 150.891
Specification: 99.5%mix
InChI: InChI=1/BrHO3.Na/c2-1(3)4;/h(H,2,3,4);/q;+1/p-1
Packing: 50kg fiber drums,UN approved, 22mt/FCL
Product description:
Item Specification Apperance: white crystalline powder Purity: 99.5%mix Absorbance(20%solution): 0.12%max Moisture 0.1% max Bromide 0.05% max Sulphate 0.01% max Iron 5ppm .max As 3ppm max Heavy metals 5ppm max Chloride 0.05% max
Uses: This product is a strong oxidant, mianly used as printing and dyeing auxiliary, hair-perm agent, chemical agent, oil field or gold solvent in gold mines when used with soldium bromide
Synonyms: Bromic acid, sodium salt;Bromate de sodium;Bromate de sodium [French];CCRIS 9265;Dyetone;HSDB 2185;NSC 77383;Neutralizer K-126;Neutralizer K-140;Neutralizer K-938;Sodium bromate (NaBrO3);Sodium bromate(DOT);Bromic acid, sodium salt (1:1);Sodium bromate [UN1494] [Oxidizer];UN1494;
Molecular Structure: Sodium bromate 7789-38-0
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