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Zirconium chloride oxide

Details for Zirconium chloride oxide

Zirconium chloride oxide



Zirconium chloride oxide
CAS NO: 7699-43-6
EC NO: 231-717-9
Molecular Formula: ZrCl2O
Molecular Weight: 178.1294
Specification: 36%min
InChI: InChI=1/2ClH.O.Zr/h2*1H;;/q;;;+2/p-2/rCl2OZr/c1-4(2)3
Packing: 25kg PP woven bags,lined with PE bags,UN approved.20mt/FCL.
Product description:
tem specification Appearance white crystalline powder ZrO2+Hf 36%min Fe2O3 0.001%max SiO2 0.005%max Na2O 0.002%max TiO2 0.001%max
Uses: It is raw materials for other zirconium salts.Widely used in oil field,rubber industries
Synonyms: Zirconyl chloride solution;zirconium dichloride oxide;Zirconium Oxychloride;dichloro(oxo)zirconium;Zirconium chloride oxide;
Molecular Structure: Zirconium chloride oxide 7699-43-6
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