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Amino water reducer

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Amino water reducer


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Amino water reducer
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HSA(High Streace Ammonia), amino sulfonate polymer synthetic resin, is a kind of high performance water reducing agents developed by our company. This chemical has excellent fluidity, water reducing and slump retention effects and can improve the strength and durability, for preparation of performance concrete. It is chlorine free, low alkali, environmentally-friendly, It is the most promising high performance admixture for both domestic and overseas markets. Specification 1. Appearance: red - brown Liquid. 2. Solid content 25-33%. 3. Chlorine free and low alkali 2. Sulfate content. none 5. PH value:7-9; 6. Densisty :1.1-1.15。 Product Characteristics 1. small dosage, water-reducing rate up to 20-35%. 2.hardly any slump loss within 1.5 hours. 3. Good enhancement on compressive strength 3 days >145%, seven days >142%, 28 days >143%; 4. With strong plasticizing effect, it can increase the slump by 15 cm or more with the constant ratio of water and cement. It can used to make high slump pumping concrete, high performance concrete of C60 or more, high performance marine concrete. 5, with the same concrete strength, saving cement 15-25% 6, HX-106 can greatly improve anti permeability, carbonization resistance and durability of the concrete. 7. It is with broad compatibility, especially good with naphthalene and fatty series, can be used to make the concrete of C60, hardly any slump loss within 2 hours. Packing and Storage Store with 10-40℃, avoid direct sunlight. Shelf time: 1 year.  Packing: 250KG per drum, or according to customers’ specific requirements.
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