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Details for 1,1,2,2-Tetrabromoethane



Organic chemicals and Derivatives

CAS NO: 79-27-6
EC NO: 201-191-5
Molecular Formula: C2H2Br4
Molecular Weight: 345.6533
InChI: InChI=1/C2H2Br4/c3-1(4)2(5)6/h1-2H
Product description:

Chemical Name: 1,1,2,2-Tetrabromoethane
Synonyms: TBE;Acetylene tetrabromide; Tetrabromoacetylene; s-Tetrabromoethane; sym-Tetrabromoethane.
Molecular Formula: C2H2Br4
CAS No: 79-27-6

1 Specification:
Appearance: Colorless liquid
Assay: 99%Min
Freezing Point:-2-0°C
Relative Density: 2.955-2.970 (25/25°C)
Color: 20APHA Max
Boiling Point: 236-238 °C°C/750 mm Hg

2 Usage2.1 mainly used as catalyst;
2.2 Used as bromo-organic synthesis.
2.3 used as flame retardant;

3 Properties 3.1 Dangerous for the environment;
3.2 Toxic and corrosive to aquatic organisms, may cause effects in the aquatic environment;
3.3 Avoid release to the environment.

4 Packing:
4.1 150kg Iron drum on Pallets;

5 Capacity
1000Mt Per year.

Synonyms: Tetrabromoethane;Tertabromoethane;
Molecular Structure: 1,1,2,2-Tetrabromoethane 79-27-6
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